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Should I replace my box vents with ridge vents?

Updated: Apr 2, 2021

We all know that heat rises to the top. During Georgia heatwaves, the temperatures in attics and other roof spaces dramatically rise. Ridge vents and box vents ventilate your attic space while effectively moderating the temperature control in your home. Properly ventilating your attic allows your AC unit to work more efficiently and saves you money on your monthly utility bills. But not all vents are created equal.

In all homes, including older homes with box vents, we always make sure to use ridge vents as the final product. Are ridge vents that much better than box vents? Yes, they are. Besides allowing your attic space to breathe better, ridge vents also reduce the likelihood of potential leaks in your roof. Time and time again, we see that roofs often leak because of box vents that are not appropriately sealed.

If you’re concerned about your attic ventilation or want to learn more about our vent solutions, contact us today for a risk-FREE assessment and quote!

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